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an example of parallel structure

Common Writing Challenges

Follow Up

Follow-up letters express interest in the letter recipient and may contain information that supplements a previous meeting.


Follow-up letters to job interviews often include a thank you and sometimes add a detail to support a job application. These letters are very brief and should be mailed as soon as possible after an interview.


• This is a follow up to our discussion this morning on the Smithson promotional campaign.

• At our meeting last night I said that a moratorium on hiring engineers will be lifted on January 1. I subsequently conferred with human resources, and as a result I make the following correction: the moratorium will be lifted on January 10.

• The following is a brief summary of points covered at our meeting.

• This is to confirm receipt of your report on radon gas emissions at our building.

• This letter will confirm your appointment as an adjunct chemistry lecturer at Mason College.



Dear ———,

This is just a brief follow up to our meeting yesterday to let you know that I spent a very delightful and informative time at Superior Products.

It was a pleasure to meet you and two of your colleagues, to learn more about Superior Products' adhesives, and to discuss the field of manufacturing with you.

Thank you for making time for me.




Dear ———,

This is to confirm our meeting for Wednesday 10 July, and to let you know that we have reserved a car that you can pick up at the airport rental office. I am also enclosing the e-ticket receipt for your flight. If you have questions about your travel arrangements, please contact me at 000-333-0404.

In addition, Mrs. Laurel has asked me to tell you to please bring your university transcripts for your graduate program in mines and metallurgy, and to bring your passport also.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, 26 July, at 12 noon at the Sandy Bay Restaurant across the street from our headquarters.




Dear ———,

Thank you for taking time to meet with me this morning. I hope that what I presented to you about our paper products was informative and helpful.

When I returned to my office, the new pricing list had just been released, and that requires a little revision to the prices that I quoted to you. Fortunately, the revision reflects a decrease in some prices, mostly because we are expecting very soon to be able to offer new, exceptional product line. This is a non-fade white paper that will be about the price of the samples I showed you today.

I am enclosing a brochure with the revised price list. I am happy to answer any questions about it or about any of our other paper products, including the new line that will be available in about a month.

With best regards,




Dear ———,

After I left your office and got into my car, I realized that I had neglected to mention that I have a qualification in an area that is of rapidly growing importance.

When you brought up the possible direction of the company into radio controlled computers, I neglected to tell you that this was my minor field in my electrical engineering program. Somehow I left this off my résumé, but it is a field of considerable interest to me, and it would be great if I could contribute to your research in that area.

Thank you for meeting with me this afternoon. It was a pleasure to talk to you and learn more about new technologies.

Sincerely yours,