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an example of parallel structure

Common Writing Challenges


The web has many sites with suggestions for complaint letters. See the Better Business Bureau website for additional suggestions for letters of complaint to businesses. The USA.gov website also has a page on filing a complaint, along with a sample complaint letter.


• Trying to get the accounting department at Coastal Communications to help me resolve an overpayment issue has been an exhausting and frustrating experience. Therefore, I am requesting your help.

• My family and I have been patronizing your restaurant for years, but in the future we may be looking for a restaurant whose staff has more patience with children after our visit to Country Flavors on Monday evening.

• We would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

• When we plugged in the vacuum cleaner and turned it on, it malfunctioned just as it did before we brought it to your shop. My husband and I believe it was never repaired.

• We do hope this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

• I am writing to bring your attention to a discrepancy between what your newspaper advertisement says and what I was told at your store today.



To the Better Business Bureau:

I am writing because after several attempts over a two-month period to correct an invoice from A-Talk, the company has not responded to my requests to discuss it.

My unresolved issue involves my purchase of a cell phone for which I paid cash at the company's shop in West-Best Mall on September 17.

Subsequently, I was billed twice for the purchase after I had paid cash for it: once for the cell phone and then again for what they claim was a service charge for non-payment. I initially tried to resolve the problem over the phone. I made three calls to the company, and each time I was unsuccessful in reaching a person who would accept responsibility for handling the issue.

I have also written to the head of the billing department, and I enclose a copy of the letter that I sent to her, the invoices the department sent to me, and a copy of the original receipt that shows I paid for the phone on September 17.

I would appreciate your help in settling this issue. Needless to say, I do not want my credit rating to be affected on account of the A-Talk billing errors.




Dear ———,

I recently purchased two books through your website, and I received them in damaged condition. The box in which the books were shipped was not damaged, which suggests that someone packed and mailed the books to me in the shape that I received them.

I am returning the books under separate cover in the box in which they came to me. I would like to have my purchase price fully refunded. I paid for them with a personal check, number 432-0054.

Thank you,



Dear ———,

I have just received my new life insurance policy and related documents from All-American. To my great surprise, I noticed that some of the personal information that my wife and I provided to your agent has either been intentionally changed or erroneously recorded.

As a result, we want to cancel the policy. We expect a full refund of the amount we submitted because we are still within the "free-look" period that we have in this state to change our mind about a purchase of life insurance.

We cancel the policy with reluctance; however, our confidence in All-American Insurance has flagged considerably after this experience.




Dear ———,

Yesterday afternoon I sent my eight-year old son to a hardware store to purchase a paintbrush and when he entered the store, he was threatened by a large dog that growled and pounced in his direction. No one in the store made an attempt to restrain the animal.

The experience turned him away, and he returned home without the brush. My son says he did not threaten the dog in any way, and after checking with neighbors, I learned that the dog in the hardware store sometimes threatens customers and has to be restrained.

My son was not bitten by the dog, but we believe the owner needs to be told by the Animal Control Office that a dog with such a temperament cannot be let loose in the store, even if the animal is on private property.




Dear ———,

I am writing to the School Board and to the Public Safety Commission to raise a safety issue related to a construction project near Crosby Elementary School.

For the last several days, a lot of construction equipment has been moving in and out of the area across from Crosby Elementary School at the same time that children are let out from the school. Apparently, construction workers conclude their workday at about the same time, and this increases heavy duty vehicle traffic on the road in front of the school.

Today I learned that the project is expected to continue for several months, and so I think some action is necessary to reduce the possibility of an accident. My suggestion is that the construction workers begin their day earlier so that they do not contribute to increased traffic in front of the school just as the children are being dismissed.

It surprises me that the School Board has not brought this issue up at a recent board meeting. I think the issue is too urgent to wait for the next meeting of the School Board, and that the Public Safety Commission should take action now.

Respectfully yours,